ETH Denver 2024

Oh ETH Denver, how you’ve changed me – For the better!


This year I ventured out to Denver Colorado to share the Gladiator project I’ve been building and meet cool new people. Little did I know that it would evolve minute by minute and the trajectory of the visit would leave me with a profound sense of accomplishment and a deeper appreciation for the Web3 community.


The days leading up to Sunday’s event were monumental. During my flight into Denver, I was approved to plug into the Blockchain Arcade and demo my game. This was an insane opportunity. The product I have been building for a year would get some real exposure, and more importantly real user feedback and testing!


That day I got a ton of feedback and continued to improve the game throughout the week. All the while, I continued to meet an array of amazing mentors and people who encouraged me along the way.


A huge part of my effort was to build new features into the Gladiator game and collaborate with my new teammate Julieta. As a journalist, Julieta read my whole origin story and helped find an objective that would suit the Gladiator game well. So I decided to integrate the 0x Swap API into a new shop area of the game, designed to swap ERC20 tokens and introduce more blockchain liquidity, then build a shop to sell in-game accessories that would go towards dev and charity.


On the last day, after some much needed rest, I was honored to be selected as one of the very few people to present on the main stage for Sunday morning’s Buffitank Pitchfest, and after being in Denver for ten days, the ETH Denver culture had totally captivated me. Good times with great people to say the least. You can watch the Gladiator pitch below:


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