About Brokenreality Inc.

Brokenreality Inc. was created to empower the relentless pursuit of creative expression in design, development, and art. Led by visionary Dan Hendrickson, we strive to create unparalleled experiences in digital collectibles, art, and photography, fostering a world where technology and creativity converge in unexpected and inspiring ways.


Dan Hendrickson – Founder & Creative Director

Roots & Commitment

With professional roots tracing back to 1998, Dan has championed roles as a Developer, Designer, Artist, and Photographer, serving both small startups and large enterprises across the world. He is committed to continual learning and adaptability at the core of his daily life and profession.

Origin Story

His journey began in 1984, born in New York and later traversed through parts of California. Early on, his parents’ artistic influences ignited his passion. Throughout his youth, Dan was recognized as an artist with an innate creative ability. This was supported by mentors like his uncle, who introduced him to the intricacies of digital design. By high school, Dan had landed his first professional project in web design. This trajectory led Dan to study Advertising & Design at Orange & Ulster BOCES. Competing with SkillsUSA became a pivotal moment in his life, and the national recognition propelled his career.

Learning & Growing

Over the years, Dan has had the privilege of collaborating with industry giants like Dana Duke and Jean Miele. While his freelance journey had its challenges, like a life-altering house fire in 2005, it was mentors like Dr. Thomas Eanelli who steered him back on course. Serving on the board of CROC (Citizens Reunited to Overcome Cancer), Dan realized the true impact his work could have in other people’s lives, which empowered him further.


By 2014, Dan’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the birth of Brokenreality Inc. — a venture born from his internet pseudonym and fueled by a passion to challenge creative boundaries. Dan’s collaboration with the team at Volum8 became a testament to creating groundbreaking work. As he now ventures into the Web3 space, building with companies like Little Massive, he has become an Emmy Nominated Developer, Designer, and Artist, and his excitement remains palpable.

Ethos & Perspective

Wellness, both mental and physical, has become central to his ethos. Mentors like Jim Quinn taught Dan about fitness and self-care. Additionally, leadership training from Echelon Front and Tony Burgess instilled in him the principles of discipline, integrity, and the art of guiding teams to success.

In reflection, Dan often expresses his deep sense of gratitude. Every challenge, every victory, every tear, and every smile has been a stepping stone to where he is today — as a creative with a mission to shine and make a lasting impact on the world.

To Dan, our work isn’t just a job… our work is a gift.




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