An unparalleled digital collectible card game experience.

* Open beta available for Cosmic Muffins and Sacred Moths holders! *

Rise of the Gladiators

Embrace destiny in an arena where heroes are forged, legends are born, where strategy, and fortune collide.

Watch the trailer to glimpse a world where every card holds power and every match is a step towards glory. Ready your tokens for a transformative NFT card game experience that melds history with cutting-edge technology.

Gladiator leverages the Colyseus framework for unparalleled multiplayer gaming. This robust engine ensures real-time, scalable gameplay, delivering a smooth and responsive experience. With advanced synchronization, Colyseus enhances every battle, providing fast-paced action and consistent performance for an unmatched gaming adventure.

Gladiator currently includes two Ethereum NFT collections by Dan Hendrickson. This feature enhances gameplay with unique digital assets and sets the stage for future blockchain network expansions. Experience the excitement of blockchain-enhanced gaming and look forward to more dynamic in-game elements.

Hosted on Digital Ocean, Gladiator guarantees top-tier performance and reliability. Our platform benefits from the flexibility, security, and speed of Digital Ocean’s infrastructure. Enjoy a seamless, secure, and uninterrupted gaming experience, where advanced hosting meets the peak of gaming technology.

Collect & Conquer

Begin your journey with the eclectic ‘Cosmic Muffins’ and the enigmatic ‘Sacred Moths,’ the premier NFT collections crafted by Dan Hendrickson. The Cosmic Muffins are a whimsical array of googly-eyed, adorable confections from beyond the stars, set against the canvas of deep space—a playful nod to humorous AI art.

In contrast, Sacred Moths emerge from the cosmic void, weaving a narrative that proclaims, “In the darkness, you will find majesty.” These collections set the stage for an engine designed to merge universes, inviting players to a battleground where diversity reigns and every lore has a place.

Unpredictable Heroics

In Gladiator, the thrill of battle lies in its unpredictability. Your Gladiator’s fate isn’t just determined by might but by the art of surprise. Here, every underdog has a day, every match is a potential legend, and every player can become a hero against all odds.

In the arena of Gladiator’s Brawler mode, each match, your card is endowed with a random offensive and defensive ability, uniquely crafted and animated for the Cosmic Muffins and Sacred Moths collections. Even the seemingly weakest token can turn the tide and outmaneuver mightier foes, making every match an exciting and unpredictable event.

Designed for Instant Utility

The Gladiator card game experience delivers instant utility to any NFT collection. Every token is transformed into a card. Every card holds power and every match is a step towards glory.

Players pick and challenge their cherished NFTs against each other. These chosen NFTs take the center stage, proudly displayed with customizable card visuals.

Want to integrate your collection? Contact Dan Hendrickson and setup a meeting.

Platform – Browser-Based Accessibility

Experience the thrill of the Gladiator game right in your browser! No downloads, no installations – just instant action. Our game seamlessly adapts to any device, offering a top-notch gaming experience whether you’re on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Dive into the arena anytime, anywhere.

Technology – Cutting-Edge and User-Friendly

Powered by the latest web technologies, the Gladiator game brings you a fluid and immersive experience. Our use of React ensures a responsive and dynamic interface, while the Ionic framework guarantees a smooth cross-platform play. We’re committed to delivering an unparalleled gaming experience with fast load times and intuitive navigation.

Wallet Providers – Secure and Versatile

The game experience is safe and easy with trusted wallet integrations. Connect with Metamask or Coinbase for secure in-game purchases and seamless cryptocurrency transactions. These leading wallet providers ensure your peace of mind with their robust security measures, making in-game economics hassle-free and reliable.

Honing the Blades of Battle

Gladiator Engine is currently in the Beta stage, honing the blades of battle. We’re inviting warriors to the frontline to test their mettle. Your feedback is the forge that sharpens our game. Enlist now and be part of the evolution, with early access benefits and the opportunity to shape the future of the arena.

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Cosmic Muffins Mint

July 2022

Create Sacred Moths Art

August 2022


Prototype Development

March 2023

Sacred Moths Mint

August 2023

Path of the Moth Story Experience

September 2023

Alpha Release

November 2023

Iterative Development and Improvement

December 01 2023

Colyseus Integration

December 14 2023



January 20 2024

Beta Release

January 23 2024

ETH Denver

February 22 2024

In-Game Shop

March 14 2024


April 3 2024

Gladiator's Sigil

May 10 2024

Philosophers Collection

June 2024

Soul Oracles Collection

August 2024

Window Walkers Collection

October 2024