The Gathering of Four



The Gathering of Four – Beneath the cosmos’ infinite canvas, four celestial sentinels call us to unity, their presence a confluence of the energies that shape our fate. On this eve of tomorrow, they guide us to gather the year’s memories, weaving them into a wisdom-rich tapestry. Let us stand united, reflecting on the journey traversed, ready to embrace the wisdom earned.

Signed Limited-Edition Canvas Printed Artwork from the Sacred Moth NFT collection and the Path of the Moth Story.

  • 10″ x 14″ Canvas
  • 3/4″ Thickness
  • Ready to hang – Finished with quality hardware
  • High-quality, scratch-resistant satin canvas
  • Environmentally friendly and built in the USA
  • Signed on the back by Dan Hendrickson

Craftsmanship • Each print is abrasion-resistant, ultra-durable satin canvas expertly stretched over a kiln-dried pine-wood frame, then firmly secure quality hanging hardware.

Ink • Each canvas is printed using only water-based inks that are both odorless and environmentally friendly.