The Duality of Reflection



The Duality of Reflection – As the year’s final chapter nears its end, two luminous beings rest, each a guardian of perspective. One cradles the Book of Grace, whispering of the soft strength that shapes our spirit; the other reads from the Grimoire of Gratitude, recounting the gifts that each moment bestows upon us. In their silent recitation, we are reminded of the pillars upon which our lives stand: grace in our actions, and gratitude in our hearts.

Signed Limited-Edition Canvas Printed Artwork from the Sacred Moth NFT collection and the Path of the Moth Story.

  • 10″ x 14″ Canvas
  • 3/4″ Thickness
  • Ready to hang – Finished with quality hardware
  • High-quality, scratch-resistant satin canvas
  • Environmentally friendly and built in the USA
  • Signed on the back by Dan Hendrickson

Craftsmanship • Each print is abrasion-resistant, ultra-durable satin canvas expertly stretched over a kiln-dried pine-wood frame, then firmly secure quality hanging hardware.

Ink • Each canvas is printed using only water-based inks that are both odorless and environmentally friendly.