Sacred Moth Annual Ascension Collection at Good Vibes Rock & Shop

Excitement fills the air as we welcome a dazzling new treasure to Good Vibes Rock & Shop: the Sacred Moth Limited Edition Annual Ascension canvas print collection!

Each canvas is an echo of celestial melodies, a vivid portrayal of the profound journey we embark upon each year. Crafted with care, these prints are not only signed by myself but also imbued with the essence of the Sacred Moth’s legend and the promise of ascension.



The Gathering of Four summons us to unite under the cosmic canopy, embracing the wisdom woven from the year’s tapestry. The Trinity, robed in transformation’s glow, guides us through life’s constants with grace and courage. The Duality of Reflection reminds us to balance grace with gratitude, while The Midnight Starweaver weaves our path through the veil of years with her crystalline orb of destiny. And The Singular Majesty, in the grand cosmic cathedral, inspires us with the Sacred Moth’s ascent, heralding a year of unity and new beginnings.

These limited-edition prints are a beacon of hope for 2024, radiating the power of change, growth, and rebirth. Find your guiding star in this collection, now available at Good Vibes Rock & Shop and online at

Let the Sacred Moth lead you into a year filled with wonder and potential.

Visit the shop at 3020 Route 207, Campbell Hall, N.Y., or explore the collection online. Embrace the journey of 2024 with a Sacred Moth at your side. ✨