Rebuilding Continues

The beginning is nigh

This project is moving forward, slowly but steadily. I had to nail down the structure of visual content and how to deliver it. The best part about being a web developer is being able to create what I want, however I need it. In this case, I’ve organized all work by year, type, then project name. While doing this it prompted me to do a local hard drive clean up, so the synchronicity between this web site’s server and my local drive will make content delivery a much easier experience. Each project will have it’s own dedicated page where I can free form code for videos and image galleries. Of course its template based, but at some level, some pages need a unique layout.

I’m excited about the manual workflow needed to maintain this new site. Basically limiting dependancies, but allowing for very few modern web technologies to be implemented. No MySQL database, but custom arrays that need my manual manipulation for an update. This eliminates a need for a full on CMS and allows me to edit the site from a console/terminal window. This alleviates the need for a MySQL connection, and still allows dynamic access to data through multidimensional PHP arrays.

February is almost here, time to wrap it up. Stay tuned for updates.