Stronger U

Working with the teams at Volum8 and Stronger U Nutrition, I developed the front-end application that transformed their Google Sheets-based workflow into a formalized, efficient system. The application included roles for Admins, Coaches, and Members, supporting all organizational workflows and significantly improving efficiency, transparency, and communication.

I was responsible for designing and implementing a front-end tech stack that ensured cross-platform functionality, deploying the Progressive Web Application (PWA) to iOS, Android, and web browsers. This single code base allowed users worldwide to seamlessly interact with the platform.

The application not only streamlined internal processes but also integrated deeply with an eCommerce solution, funneling customers into the experience and guiding them to align with a coach to improve their health. The success of this project propelled Stronger U’s industry presence, ultimately leading to the company’s acquisition. This stands as one of my most significant Web 2.0 achievements.