Sacred Moths

The realm of digital artistry has seen many evolutions, from the first pixelated designs to today’s ultra-realistic renders. Yet, few traverse the mystical bridge between technological innovation and ageless artistry as this project does.


A Symphony of Technology and Artistry

The inception of Sacred Moths was not the result of an overnight brainstorm but a culmination of over a year’s careful curation and crafting. At its core, each piece is a work of AI art. The nebulous creatures, sparkling with galaxies and stars, are as unpredictable and profound as the universe they represent – a testimony to the sheer capability of Artificial Intelligence to mimic nature’s randomness.



However, the artwork didn’t stop at the whims of an AI. Using advanced technical tools like CSS hue-rotate, transform, animation, and mix-blend-modes, each moth was granted an ethereal aura, making every single one a unique experience.


Grace over Grind: The Sacred Mantra

In a world obsessed with speed, Sacred Moths was an ode to patience and grace. The entire process was never about hurriedly producing quantity or tapping into fast-fading trends. It was a labor of love, one that embraced the ebb and flow of creative inspiration. The journey of Sacred Moths was reminiscent of the slow, graceful dance of a moth’s wings – poetic, deliberate, and purposeful.



By integrating the story of deep space explorers from the year 3247 discovering a moth creature made of swirling galaxies, I hoped to inspire our community to look beyond the surface, to find depth and meaning in the seemingly ordinary. In darkness, majesty can always be found, and that theme runs deep in each piece of this collection.

The Sacred Moths project is more than just another collection in the vast NFT universe. It is a testament to the beautiful symbiosis of technology and human emotion, of AI’s unpredictability and an artist’s vision. As each moth unfurls its wings in your collection, remember the journey it embodies – one of patience, grace, and a ceaseless pursuit of beauty.



Production Notes

  • 200 meticulously crafted NFTs, each a testament to AI’s artistic potential and human touch.
  • My passion for the ethereal beauty and symbolic depth of moths drove this project.
  • In our hectic digital age, these pieces beckon viewers to pause, reflect, and appreciate art’s mirroring of nature.
  • Each artwork began as an AI-generated image, which I then upsampled and enhanced manually in Photoshop.
  • My web development expertise enabled the creation of a unique webpage for each moth image. Here, the image cycles through an entire hue color spectrum. The duration of this cycle is randomized, set at either 4 or 5 seconds.
  • On these pages, each moth image features a color-dodged, blurred overlay of itself. This overlay scales and alternates endlessly, synchronizing with the previously mentioned randomized duration.
  • Every dedicated HTML page carries metadata specific to its respective collectible.
  • Every moth is distinguished by a true rarity spread of features, ensuring each piece possesses its own unique allure.
  • I captured video recordings of each animation, ensuring they were encoded and set for seamless looping, ideal for display in a collector’s digital wallet.
  • Collectors of a Sacred Moth will gain access to several assets: the pristine image, its video loop, the corresponding HTML page, and a lively animated thumbnail of the piece.


Prints & Merch

As the moths made their way across the internet, people fell in love with the imagery and requested their own unique prints. They’ve made their way to local vendor shops and are available for sale on this website. To this day, moths have found sanctuary in their holder’s homes and closets across the world.


Since their creation, the Sacred Moths now have made their way to the Gladiator Digital Collectible Card Game experience. The first ever game title released by Brokenreality Inc!