At PatBar, I played a pivotal role in transforming a well-established, tangible book and flashcard-based education program into a comprehensive online web application. As both the Front-End and Back-End Developer, I collaborated closely with the founders to design and develop an immersive digital learning experience for students preparing for their patent bar exam.

This large-scale application allowed students to log in and access a wide range of educational resources, including modules, quiz questions, progress tracking, videos, lectures, audio tutorials, and flashcard interactions—all within a single platform. My work ensured that students could seamlessly consume content, track their progress, and engage with interactive materials, enhancing their learning experience.

Additionally, I developed a custom-built admin interface that tracked sales and assisted with customer experience management. This feature enabled the company to efficiently monitor performance and provide superior support to their users. This project marked a significant leap in digitizing traditional education methods, creating a dynamic and accessible online learning environment.