Cosmic Muffins

Cosmic Muffins are totally for fun, happy little AI accidents intended to do only good and share the love of art. That’s right… they’re googly eyed adorable works of AI art in NFT form.

When I began to create these wacky little creations, the absurdity in this idea kept me giggling like a fool the whole time :). With a nudge from a friend, I started to make more images… my wife and I started to come up with names… ingredients… and what started as 12 became a collection of 60 “Cosmic Muffins”.¬†With the little free time I had I started creating astronaut imagery… designing a logo… building the website… worked with the dev wizard known as Dillon Lomnitzer… and before we knew it we had a proper minting site ready to go. We picked a mint date and said LFG!


With a mint date set I decided to keep it small and relaxed. I shared the project quietly amongst friends, coworkers, and those I knew in the NFT space. Our little muffins were well received so the adventure began.¬†Developing the website was a lot of fun. This beauty had to be simple yet elegant. The web3 space doesn’t always have polished experiences and the last thing we should do is deliver a clunky interaction for anyone willing to pay for art. The site was built responsively in React leveraging the power of the Ionic framework. Interactive elements are driven by particles.js and custom CSS by myself. Web3 was implemented to support MetaMask, Coinbase, and WalletConnect crypto wallet providers.



After minting your Cosmic Muffin, the placeholder image was something adorable we called the “Muffin Blob”. This animated space oddity would appear in your wallet before your randomly selected NFT was being “inter-dimensionally baked”. The idea was every 12 minted muffins, we would reveal that “batch” of muffins for our collectors.



We eventually minted all 60 muffins in total, gave a bunch away as free gifts, and revealing the collection was a ton of fun. Everyone loved their muffins, the lore-like meta data, and so the Cosmic Muffins NFT collection was cemented into the blockchain forever. You can view the full OpenSea collection here. Here are a few from the collection :)



From that day forth, the Cosmic Muffins existed in the digital real, eventually making their first interactive appearance in the Gladiator Digital Collectible Card Game experience. The first ever game title released by Brokenreality Inc!