Photoshoot with Shannon

Collaboration comes to life

For the longest time I’ve loved to take photos. Only in the past few years have I stepped into the professional photography realm.

It was working along some great people at HV Click that always kept me aspiring to a higher level of skill. I took my love for photography, and merged it with the skills of other creative people. Hair stylists, make up artists, clothing designers, etc. Combined with my love of surreal imagery, I was able to create some of my best work with the help of others.

This past May I collaborated with my talented wife (Jess Parol) and Shannon Davis to produce something new. The goal was to develop a simple, surreal, high fashion, modern, sharp and dark look. You’ll find a lot of my work is dark. The difference between this and past photoshoots was the research. I spent many hours finding inspirational materials, sketching my concepts on paper. When I was ready to show my team the concept, it was delivered with the intentions of being up for discussion. I wasn’t tied to every exact detail. So when collaboration started we found level ground with our ideas to figure out what was actually possible, and where we wanted to go.

Many hours of preparation go into each shoot. In fact we will usually try to block out an entire day to make sure the look is right, and that we’re happy before we begin shooting. While we’re building the look, I shoot video with my Nikon D7000 and my iPhone 5S. Even though the footage on the iPhone may not be the exact quality of the DSLR, it makes for an awesome compact way to shoot B-roll shots and other fun angles. Below is the final video we released:

As I began snapping photos I knew instantly we had exactly what we wanted. Not too far from my original concept, this collaborative look came to life. Check out the photos below of our final product.