Once begun, half done

Working with Jim Quinn has been a fantastic experience. He’s a true professional guiding people day to day, making them stronger, smarter and healthier. His expertise makes consulting and working out an enjoyable and enlightening experience.

This December I was happy to produce a video for his company Quinn Body and Performance. Initially the idea was to do a very simple garage gym tour of his facility in Highland Mills, NY. However I had a bigger plan for this project. Despite the budget, I produced a brief, quick cut video covering all of his services, while telling his story. We managed to fit in some “tour” oriented b-roll as well :)

See, I have been a client of Jim Quinn’s since March of 2014, and I was comfortable delivering something that shared his excitement and his attitude towards physical health. So check out the video, it’s a result of just a couple hours of editing, and maybe an hour of shooting video.