Mossy Visitor

Arriving home on a rainy day… I succumbed to unseen muses, finding whispers in moss, secrets in flowers, songs in leaves, and strength in remnants of dark wood. And all of a sudden… a mossy visitor appeared.


Working with James Victore and being a part of The Club on The Right Questions Podcast has lit a fire in my heart. Part of this month’s creative challenge was to create art using natural materials, whatever we want, found in our local environment. And what do you know? I have moths on the mind.

Our beloved Sacred Moth prints are selling fast and I’m humbled by the support. I’m so happy that I get to share it with you all. The project has led me down a path I could never anticipate. Thank you.

You know what this means right? “Keep going” as James says… and so we’ll do the work… and we’ll reach for the stars.

Sacred Moth prints are available now or if you’re in the Campbell Hall NY area visit Good Vibes Rock & Shop!