Leap of faith

Humbled by freedom

We all want the same things. We all want to chase dreams.

Given the amount of people on this planet and the sheer number of things happening simultaneously, we are lucky to be who we are. I’m surprised the human race has made it this far. I’m simply humbled by the freedom of trying to build and create everyday.

A lot has changed in such a short time. Brokenreality Inc. is official my friends! Since 1998 this entity has evolved many times over, but now it is the ultimate goal. Recently incorporated, it will continue as the same old familiar dark corner of the web, only with a professional essence. It will continue to house my projects. Of which, I cannot wait to get moving on that special project I mentioned… :)

The space in between. Savor it, embrace it, and allow one self to rest at an appropriate frequency. Awareness, focus, and dedication. I let it all run rampant through my veins. I cannot wait to create again tomorrow.