Incremental Progress

Great things come from small beginnings

Life has it’s way of delivering distraction. Thankfully this kind of distraction is the type that leads to authentic progress.

My personal projects have had to take a step aside while I re-evaluate my professional life. I’ve had the pleasure of working on some very cutting edge projects that keep me inspired. I find my thoughts filled with design and my ambition revived.

I’m working towards a very simple goal. “Relaxed Control”. While I refine all aspects of my life, my “Clear” mantra helps recalculate my direction, keeping me on track.

A few weeks ago I met with Mervernator about producing, what has become, a decade long project in the making. I’m anticipating big things, and I’m eager to pour myself into it. But in time, there are far more pressing matters ahead.

These are the good problems to have…