Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Interactive Media

Today I’m proudly announcing, that a year-long project launched early in 2023, “Momoguro: Legends of Uno,” has been nominated for an Emmy in Outstanding Interactive Media. This recognition is not just a testament to our innovative approach to blending Web3 technology with interactive storytelling but also a nod to the tireless efforts and collaboration of our incredible team.

As the lead front-end developer, I’ve navigated the exhilarating and challenging journey of building a cutting-edge web3 app. From designing interactive features like the “Momobeast” fusion experience to implementing advanced technologies in JavaScript/TypeScript, React, and Ionic, every step was a learning curve that we embraced together.



This project was a collaboration at its finest, with each team member bringing something unique to the table. I extend gratitude to everyone involved, including our partners at Baobab Studios and each team member. Their expertise and dedication were pivotal in bringing our vision to life.

This nomination is not just an accolade; it’s a beacon of what’s possible in the realm of interactive media and web3 applications. It signifies a future where technology and creativity merge to create immersive, engaging experiences.

Thank you to the Emmy committee for this incredible honor, and to everyone who has supported and believed in our vision. Here’s to pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks in the world of interactive digital storytelling!