Camp Victore

The stories we tell ourselves… The baggage we carry… The dark shadows that follow us around for years… All of our broken pieces… No matter how we justify them… these are often self imposed limitations. They’ve locked us away in a prison of our own making, and now we’ve got to break out. Quiet the noise. Write a story worth telling.

And it’s been said many times over, that some things cannot be done alone. When you heart aches and your muscles are tired from life, it may seem impossible to keep marching on. No matter how stubborn you are, seeking the council of others can save your ass. Others can help, if you are willing to listen, take the first step, and then leap into the void that is you.

As I write this, I’m actively processing a heavy emotional experience after venturing into Austin Texas and attending Camp Victore. This was an all-inclusive 3 day creative transformational experience that I will never forget.

During my time there I met the most beautiful people. Little did I know, their stories would leave a permanent imprint on me. They had traveled from all over the world to be there. And a big part of why I was at this camp was to listen and learn from everyone around me. Absorb and pay attention to everything.

Together we cracked open our souls, told our stories, and tried new things. James and his lady Shannon were warm hosts, treated us like family, and listened intently.

Most importantly, they challenged all of us. We directly confronted our issues. We used small tools that would be used to deliver big meaning. We spent time in the sun, enjoying nature, walking, playing, laughing, crying, and growing.

It is with vast amounts of gratitude that I can say… I’m not the same person after this experience. I’m eternally grateful to have these memories.

James, Shannon, Wyatt, Nova, Lucy Lou, Colleen, Jill, Johnnie, Jim, and Christian – I appreciate each and every one of you. I wish for you only the best. Thank you.

All the love,