Alloy Hair Studio

Design is an aspect of my multidisciplinary toolset that I get to use everyday. This time, my focus was on creating a website that was just as beautiful, elegant, and unique as the people who it would represent.

This past week we launched a fresh new website for Alloy Hair Studio, a powerful team of creative hair stylists who have a passion for their craft, as I do for design, development, and art. 


With a fabulous logo design from my friend Joseph DeDalto, and top-tier photography by Mike Fallon, we fashioned a website that captured the high-end vibe and aesthetic of the real world experience. You can check it out at




The salon was a passion project that my wife started as a leap of faith during the pandemic of 2020. Building out the space was a seemingly impossible task, but we kept showing up and putting in the effort. She spent late nights teaching herself auto-cad for the build out, while I leveraged my photoshop skills to create window designs, business cards, menus, and anything else we needed. We are forever grateful to my brother in-law Chris who was the real professional on the job. When the dust began to settle, all Chris asked for was a haircut. And so he was the first!



We found ourselves in the middle of a community revival. Downtown Middletown NY began steadily rebuilding and improving. Today, the space is bustling with happy customers, educational events, and more business owners are opening up the in neighborhood. If you’re in the area, don’t be shy, be sure to visit, say hello, and book an appointment. <3